What does direct primary mean?

Answer According to Encyclopedia Britannica, a direct primary is an election in which voters elect their party's candidate through a direct vote. Direct primaries are used in all U.S. states, with variati... Read More »

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What does primary collateral mean?

When someone applies for a loan, the bank often requires "collateral"--something the bank can take if the customer does not pay back the loan. According to the Small Business Administration, "prima... Read More »

What does primary language mean?

The term "primary language" refers to the first language a person learns in childhood. Even when people go on to speak other languages, their primary language shapes their speaking skills and habit... Read More »

What does"presidential primary"mean?

A presidential primary is an election carried out at the state level in which voters choose delegates to represent them at the national party convention. At the conventions, the delegates vote for ... Read More »

What does order of primary succession mean?

When an environment that has been devoid of life become animate, the phases in which living organisms introduce themselves into that environment and change it over time is called the order of prima... Read More »