What does digital green look like?

Answer Bright Light Green

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What does a green bean plant look like?

it has leaves and is green n stuff. beans come off it.

What does the digital camera look like?

Digital Cameras look almost like Film Cameras, only Digital Cameras are more "Computerized" and dont need film, Digital Cameras have an Addition from Arpiture,Shutter Speed, and ISO, they have Mega... Read More »

What color does an apple look like through a green filter?

If you use a green filter on objects that are lighted with natural or nonfiltered light, the object will turn green. Therefore, an apple, whether red, green or yellow, will look green through a gre... Read More »

What would the child look like if the mom had bleach blond hair and green eyes and the dad has brown hair and green eyes?

Well it definitely won't have bleach blond hair so i don't know why you didn't ask the question using the real hair colour because no one knows what colour it was. It is like asking if the child wo... Read More »