What does diamond accent mean?

Answer The term diamond accent is used to refer to jewelry that has several diamonds that, when combined, have a total weight of less than 1/4 carat. Diamond accent may be used along side a larger solitai... Read More »

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What does F-G mean on a diamond?

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Color Scale is used to grade a diamond's color based on how clear it is. The scale uses ratings of D-Z with D being the clearest and Z being a colored di... Read More »

How to Install Diamond Shaped Accent Tiles?

Tile is one of the most versatile building options. It can be used for flooring, wall coverings, countertops and backsplashes. One way to add an accent to an area where tile is used is to set some ... Read More »

What does the diamond mean on a tape measure?

The black diamonds on a tape measure signify a truss layout for 8-foot sheets of material, typically roofing. There are five black diamonds--sometimes referred to as "black truss markings"--per eig... Read More »

What does the appraised value of a diamond mean?

The term "appraised value" in the case of a diamond means the dollar amount that a professional appraiser has determined that your diamond is worth. Appraisals follow guidelines but can still be su... Read More »