What does defragmentation mean?

Answer Defragmentation, commonly called defragging, can best be thought of as a way to reorganize the files on your computer. Once a computer's drives have been defragmented, the system often runs faster ... Read More »

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1Windows Vista includes a defragmentation tool. Should you supplement that tool with other defragmentation u?

No, one defrag tool is enough; they all do the same thing which is to rearrange files on the hard drive so that (as much as possible) every file occupies a single contiguous series of sectors.Once ... Read More »

Is defragmentation necessary?

It's something like this... You have a large library with many books! Each day you have to write a project based on several books. After you do that you don't have time to put them back where you g... Read More »

What exactly is defragmentation, and is it necessary?

Its perfectly safe. Its used for maintenance of your hard drive. Every time you move a file, install something, uninstall something, etc little fragments get left of that file all over your hard dr... Read More »

What, exactly, is defragmentation?

Can't answer this question I am too busy defragging my mindFrom what they say, I should be doing this all the time.Putting things back in order where they belongSo when I open my mouth things won;t... Read More »