What does defragmentating your Hard Disk do?

Answer Think of your computer as a filing cabinet. As your download files, it just randomly stuffs them in your computer. Defragmenting is like organizing them. It makes things nicer so they are easier... Read More »

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Sata hard disk vs pata hard disko or ide hard disk tell me difference?

SATA is Serial ATA interface small cable with high speed.PATA is parallel ATA interface with Flat ribbon cable 40/80 wires cable.PATA is now not used anymore in new systems.

Does using a recovery disk remove information on your hard drive?

Using a recovery disk removes the information from your hard drive and returns the computer to its original factory settings. If you have access to the data on your hard drive, move your files to a... Read More »

Wiping a Hard Disk Clean: How to Completely Erase a Hard Disk Drive?

If only it were as easy as deleting all your files and emptying the recycle bin, you could wipe a computer clean easily in a few minutes. Unfortunately, doing so just makes your personal and busine... Read More »

Comparison of an External Hard Disk & an Internal Hard Disk?

Computer hard drives store the operating system software, application programs and all sorts of other files and data. Internal and external hard drives can both be used for this purpose. The oper... Read More »