What does ddr2 sdram mean?

Answer Double Data Rate (DDR) memory is an innovation which "double pumps" the memory bus in computers, effectively allowing for more data transfer, doubling the speed at which a computer's RAM operates.W... Read More »

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How many pins does a ddr2 sdram have?

DDR2 SDRAM has 240 pins when meant for desktop computers and 200 pins when meant for notebook computers. DDR2 is an improvement in speed over DDR, but DDR3 has further improved data transfer speeds... Read More »

Define DDR2 SDRAM?

DDR2 SDRAM technology improves on the speed of its predecessor, DDR technology. It is technology that incorporates improvements in data transferring technology by reconfiguring the physical element... Read More »

Can you install different speeds of DDR2 sdram in a Mac G5?

You can install DDR2 SDRAM modules of different speeds together in a Power Mac G5. However, the memory will only operate as fast as the slowest module installed. For example, if you installed one 4... Read More »

Is DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz backward compatible?

DDR2 SDRAM running at 667MHz is not backward-compatible with older memory types such as DDR or Rambus, but does work with faster or slower DDR2 SDRAM modules. Keep in mind that when you mix memory ... Read More »