What does data plan include for iPhone 3GS?

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What does a cell phone data plan include?

Cell phone data plans vary from one wireless provider to another. Providers also may offer different plans to meet the capabilities of different phones. A data plan typically includes services that... Read More »

Does the iPhone 4 and 4S need the data plan?

It depends if you want to use the features that are based using the internet. You can use your own (or other) wifi which is normally free or get a data plan on PAYG. So to get the best access from ... Read More »

Can you use someone elses 2 year upgrade for sprint with out them having a data plan the phone requires a data plan but i will use it on my account with a data plan?

Easy heres one first add W34DWK then get out off the app nd reenter for no equipment upkeep

Does an iphone work without a data plan?

The iPhone utilizes various applications which require direct connection to the Internet. AT&T is the exclusive carrier for the Apple iPhone, and it requires that all iPhone service packages includ... Read More »