Im trying to get colored contacts and my eyes are dark brown and i want them to be dark blue?

Answer YO YO YO Girlfriend if you want to be stylin like 4 reels you needs to be checkin on this. bought a pair of these one year for halloween and I was hooked I now hav... Read More »

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Why do the blue slacks not match the dark blue jacket in the marine dress blues?

The US 1831 uniform regulations designated a light blue uniform including a shell jacket and trousers for field use with a stripe on the outer seam of the trouser corresponding to the branch of ser... Read More »

What are some good accent colors for a bathroom that has white, dark blue and light blue?

This ebsite may help you with matching colors. go to the visions at a glance and just pick a room. Go to the top water colors and choose the dark blue it will show the colors that go well with th... Read More »

Can i wash something that is dark red and black plaid with black and dark blue?

If you have never washed them before it may well run but it takes a lot to dye jeans and black leggings won't be affected I wouldnt' think? Just wash them seperately the first time or with an old t... Read More »

What is the best way to get rid of the dark blue area under the eyes?

It sounds like you have allergy shiners. They are caused from having allergies that you are constantly exposed to and show up even if you take allergy meds. Using an ice pack (cold mask) helps to... Read More »