What does cyrus mean?

Answer The name "Cyrus" means "lord" and originates from Persia through the Greek form "Kyros." Famous people with this name include Cyrus the Great, who conquered Babylon, and St. Cyrus, an Alexandrian d... Read More »

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Miley cyrus, A BIG BRAT AND MEAN?

haha OF CORSE SHE IS!shes a spoiled bratt who should disapear for a few days!!miley is alsoo a whoree.go on google and look up miley cyrus in images and i GARENTEE u will find pics of her sharing a... Read More »

Did Trace Cyrus once hate Myley Cyrus?

I doubt Trace hated Miley since they are siblings. I don't think siblings can ever really truly hate each other.

Does Miley Cyrus have Schizophrenia?

Why does everyone hate Miley Cyrus?