What does E mean in boot size?

Answer The letter included in a boot or shoe size indicates a foot width on the U.S. foot measurement chart. Widths range in size from AAA (least wide) to EEE (widest), with D representing medium. Foot le... Read More »

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What does de boot mijnheer mean?

In the book "The Manitou" by Graham Masterton, the character of Mrs. Herz kills herself after giving a cryptic note to Harry saying, “De boot, mijnheer, de boot.” The Dutch phrase, translated ... Read More »

What does"boot cut"mean in jeans?

Boot cut jeans are jeans that flare at the bottom; they are usually worn with boots. Boot cut jeans were introduced in the 1980s to replace bell bottom jeans. The flare on the bottom of boot cut je... Read More »

What does D or EE mean on work boot sizes?

D and EE represent width sizes on boots. Sizes range from AAA, the narrowest, to EEE, the widest. Size D is considered medium for men, while size B is medium for women. EE represents a very wide sh... Read More »

What does etherboot for boot over LAN mean?

gPXE, formerly known as Etherboot, is preboot execution environment (PXE) software used to allow computers without built-in PXE support to boot up over networks, including local area networks (LANs... Read More »