What does crossed up mean in basketball?

Answer The term "crossed up" refers to a defender's being beaten off the dribble in basketball with a crossover dribble. A crossover dribble is a maneuver in which the player abruptly switches the ball fr... Read More »

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Why do marines have crossed rifles?

If you're referring to the insignia, only the US Army officially uses crossed rifles (officially muzzle loading rifles/muskets) to signify their branch of Infantry. The US Marine Corps uses the "gl... Read More »

What Does Star Crossed Lovers Mean?

Falling in love won't be a joy if you and your beloved are star-crossed. Pulled apart by outside forces, star-crossed lovers struggle to stay together.

How to Wake Up After Sleeping with Your Legs Crossed?

Have you ever woken up sitting...with your legs crossed? This can be really painful because your legs have been "asleep" for a few hours, so the "Pins and Needles" stage will be extreme. Here is ho... Read More »

Do atropine eye drops cause crossed eyes?

On One Hand: Atropine Does Not Cause Crossed EyesCrossed eyes is not one of the known side effects of using atropine eye drops, according to the Mayo Clinic and Medline Plus. People who are using a... Read More »