What does crossed up mean in basketball?

Answer The term "crossed up" refers to a defender's being beaten off the dribble in basketball with a crossover dribble. A crossover dribble is a maneuver in which the player abruptly switches the ball fr... Read More »

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What Does Star Crossed Lovers Mean?

Falling in love won't be a joy if you and your beloved are star-crossed. Pulled apart by outside forces, star-crossed lovers struggle to stay together.

When the baby legs are crossed during the ultra sound does that mean your having a boy or girl?

That is what we call the fetal position, we can detect their sex if you try to scan the genital area.

What does gb mean in basketball?

In basketball, "GB" means games back in the standings, according to the NBA website. The first place team in each conference has a GB of 0, each subsequent team has a GB equal to the wins of the fi... Read More »

What does GSM mean in basketball?

Goodwin Sports Management (GSM) is a sports management firm that represents some of the biggest names in professional basketball. As of 2010, GSM clients include Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City T... Read More »