What does a burning cross mean?

Answer A burning cross is a sign of intimidation, popular among proponents of the Ku Klux Klan in the United States. It is not always accompanied by violence, but has gained notoriety through its use at s... Read More »

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What does"cross marketing"mean?

Cross marketing is when businesses use several avenues of marketing that complement each other to get their products in front of potential buyers. To successfully cross market, find complimentary p... Read More »

What does cross liability mean?

Cross liablity is where there are two named parties under the same insurance poliy. One may not make a claim against another and the overall limit is the same total amount.

What does the Red Cross symbol mean?

The Red Cross, as well as the Red Crescent and the Red Crystal are symbols intended to convey Mercy and Absolute Nuetrality.

What does"cross motion denied"mean?

In a dispute, one side can file a motion, which is a special request of the court. The other side can try to block this motion by filing what's called a "cross motion." If the court agrees with the... Read More »