What does it mean when ur nose is crooked?

Answer it's called having a 'deviated septum' and you can either live with it or go see a doctor and have them fix it. lots of guys have nose injuries and never get it fixed, its really not a big deal unl... Read More »

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Does Invisalign work for crooked teeth?

On One Hand: Invisalign WorksInvisalign braces work best for closing small spaces and straightening front teeth, according to Board Certified Orthodontist Jerome Shurman. Invisalign works by using ... Read More »

What to do about Crooked Legs?

Usually the feet turn out because of the hip joint or muscle tone. Try doing some hip and leg exercises to strengthen your muscles. Try to walk with your feet straight all the time, the pain shou... Read More »

What kind of doctor do I see for crooked fingers?

If you have a regular family doctor, you may want tho have them look at them when you go in for a regular check-up since you say you have always had this problem and outside of looks, I am guessing... Read More »

WHAT DO YOU DO IF YOU BROKE YOUR TOE and it looks crooked?

Try really hard not to walk on it! Don't wear socks or shoes and if you have to get around, hop or hobble, don't put weight on it. If it was me I'd go to the ER.