How to Tell a Freshwater Crocodile from a Saltwater Crocodile?

Answer Normally when people think of Australian crocodiles, they usually think of the huge saltwater crocodile, "salty" for short. However, this beast shares its home with a close, but much smaller relati... Read More »

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Who Are the Crocodile's Ancestors?

Crocodiles are incredible animals. According to a 2003 "NOVA" interview with scientist James Perran Ross, these remarkable reptiles have lived on the earth for 200 million years and outlasted dinos... Read More »

Illegal Crocodile Uses?

There are many different illegal usages of crocodiles that are putting a strain on the overall crocodile population. Conservation of the 23 different crocodile species worldwide is very important, ... Read More »

How to Tell an Alligator from a Crocodile?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between alligators and crocodiles? This article tells you how to, in 4 simple steps, tell which is which.