What does critical strike mean?

Answer In the online game "World of Warcraft, a critical strike is the calculated damage that occurs when an attack is made with certain weaponry or a spell is cast on another player.Source:Wikja Gaming: ... Read More »

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What does critical strike mean in WoW?

In the game World of Warcraft, the term "critical strike" refers to an instance where a player's attack is twice as powerful as normal. A critical strike can be the result of using melee or "ranged... Read More »

What does a strike scab mean?

During a union labor strike, a "scab" is either a union member who refuses to strike and continues working or a non-union member who completes the work of the striking union members, reports the Me... Read More »

What does"critical condition"mean?

"Critical" is a term used when hospitals release to the public the condition of a patient. An individual in critical condition has vital signs that are unstable and out of normal limits, according ... Read More »

What does motion to strike appearance mean?

When an attorney declares he is representing a client, he files a "Notice of Appearance" in the case. A "Motion to Strike Appearance" is filed if the other party wants to "strike," or remove, the a... Read More »