One creature feeds on other creature in the forests so why should i practice vegetarianism?

Answer Last year I saw a Swamiji preaching vegetarianism while he himself was seated on a 'deer' skin my dissappointment prompted me to write this blog below on ethical non-vegetarianismMany beliefs aroun... Read More »

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How to Act Like a Crazy Creature?

Crazy, insane, and devious...Sometimes people can feel wild, crazy, and insane! Some people want to act like a crazed lunatic, or some want to be full-fledged man-eating creatures! Are you one of t... Read More »

What creature is sandy?

Sandy is a squirrel who is good friends with spongebob who lives in a tree dome

What sea creature has three hearts?

Octopi have three hearts. One heart ensures blood circulates throughout the creature's body while the other two each pump blood to a set of gills to receive oxygen. Octopus blood is blue when expos... Read More »

How to Draw a Sea Creature?

Here's a very easy lesson on how to draw a mythical sea creature. Check out the photo here to see one impression of the end result. Use your imagination and let your own creativity out to make an a... Read More »