When and how much creatine should i take?

Answer During the loading phase I took it before and after my workout,4 hours after my workout and before I went to bed. I loaded five days 20g a day. Now I take 5g a day after I workout with my protein s... Read More »

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Can creatine be used safely?

On One Hand: Yes, Many People Use ItThe body naturally produces creatine and many people take creatine supplements to boost their athletic performance. As many 25 percent of pro baseball players an... Read More »

How to Drink Creatine?

Creatine has been used for many years by those looking to gain lean muscle mass. It also has been proven to significantly increase muscle mass in skeletal muscles. There is however, a right and wro... Read More »

Can you take creatine with protein powder?

On One Hand: Creatine Helps Build MuscleAccording to FitDay, creatine, which is produced naturally by the body, helps boost energy and endurance and build muscle. Taking a creatine supplement with ... Read More »

Does creatine cause kidney failure?

Creatine is formed from amino acids in the kidney and liver. It then travels through the blood and is utilized by the muscles. Creatine taken as a supplement is intended for short term yet highly i... Read More »