What does cracking a rib feel like?

Answer It feels like you were stabbed with a short knife.

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Why does cracking my back feel so good?

Because it releases tension, and yes it feels wonderful. I could do with a good pop now myself.

When i pull on my ear lobes it makes a cracking sound (like cracking your knuckles sound)?

You have an ear infection. you should go to the doctor though because it might be more serious.

If you are 30 weeks pregnant and you know it is normal to feel tired but is it normal to feel so tired you feel achy and in the morning you feel fine again?

Answer Yes its normal. Its most likely the position the baby is laying in which is causing you to feel achy and his/her constant movement in your tummy is probably making you feel tired. However it... Read More »

Why does my jaw keep on cracking ?

Hi Haley,You should check out in getting a night guard. I am in no way suggesting that this will be an absolute cure if you suffer from "TMJ" (Still see a doctor), but this will be a short-term sol... Read More »