What does cpu usage mean?

Answer The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the part of a computer that does all the work. It is important to know how hard it is working to get the most out of your computer dollar.FunctionThe CPU is th... Read More »

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What does PF usage mean?

PF usage stands for page file usage. Page file usage is the amount of hard drive space dedicated to the the total memory of your system. The PF usage in Windows is important in having a working op... Read More »

What does CPU usage mean on a computer?

CPU usage on a computer refers to how much of its processing power the central processing unit currently uses, according to Terry's Computer Tips. Even when you perform no tasks, a computer still u... Read More »

What does collateral usage mean in photography terms?

What does the message""exceeds normal cpu usage""mean on windows xp?

The central processing unit, also known as the processor allows a computer to run programs smoothly. If a program drains too much of the processor's resources, the computer will display a message t... Read More »