What does cpr stand for in first aid?

Answer CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, a first aid technique of chest compressions and rescue breathing that keeps the blood flowing in a person who is in a state of cardiac arrest.Source:Am... Read More »

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What does CAB stand for in first aid?

Circulation Airway Breathing Sometimes referred to as the ABC's Airway, Breathing, Circulation This relates directly to first aid.The only thing I can think that is close is Coronary Artery Byp... Read More »

What does ACTAR stand for in first aid?

Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction

What does AMPLE stand for in First Aid?

Whilst the below is correct, the answer completely missed the point of the question. In terms of first aid, AMPLE is an acronym and (roughly) stands for:AllergiesMedicinesPrevious medical condition... Read More »

What does FAST stand for in first aid?

Fast is an acronym for signs/symptoms and treatment of Stroke. F: Facial Droopiness- Does the face shape suddenly change? A: Arm Droopiness- Ask person to hold out arms straight. Does one arm dro... Read More »