What does cow down mean?

Answer "Cow down" is a colloquial phrase that may mean to "cower" or "back down." Wade Phillips, the coach of the Dallas Cowboys, used the phrase like this: "We have confidence in our football team. We're... Read More »

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What does fir-down mean in carpenters'terms?

In carpentry terminology, the term fir-down describes a section of the ceiling that is at a lower height than the rest of the ceiling, typically due to the presence ductwork or pipes, explains QC ... Read More »

What does toe-down mean for a putter?

Not all putters are balanced the same way. If the putter has its weight heavily allocated in the toe (tip of the the putter head), then it is a "toe-down" putter. These putters favor golfers with... Read More »

What does stopping down mean in photography?

The following applies to an SLR and may not apply to a DSLR. It can mean either: a) simply reducing the light transmitted to the film or camera sensor by way of adjusting the aperture so that it ... Read More »

What does getting cut down mean in the Marines?

In the Marines and other branches of the armed forces, the phrase "getting cut down" refers to being killed in action. Reflecting the brutality and suddenness of death during military operations, t... Read More »