What does"ce"mean in French?

Answer The French word "ce" is a demonstrative adjective that introduces masculine singular nouns that start with consonants, such as "ce stylo" for "this pen." When introducing words that start with "h" ... Read More »

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What does se mean in French?

The word "se" in French is a pronoun used in a sentence. "Se" refers to oneself, himself, itself or herself depending on the noun and verb preceding. The pronoun is abbreviated as "s' " if it is pl... Read More »

What does petites mean in french?

"Petites" is the French feminine-plural form of the adjective "petit," and means "small" or "little." You would apply "petites" to the feminine-plural form of a noun, such as "petites filles," whic... Read More »

What does"roman"mean in French?

One meaning of the French word "roman" is the adjective "romantic," primarily for describing literary styles. Examples of use include "roman d'amour" or love story, "roman d'espionnage" or spy nove... Read More »

What does genre mean in French?

"Genre" is a French word meaning "kind" or "type." In French, "genre" can apply to a wide variety of topics. In English usage, "genre" refers to artistic categories, such as types of books, films o... Read More »