How to Do the Cotton Eyed Joe Dance?

Answer The Cotton Eyed Joe is a country dance made popular in 2002. The dance is similar to line dancing but has relatively easy steps that are repeated over and over again. Here is wikiHow to do the Cott... Read More »

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How to Do an Alternate Cotton Eyed Joe?

School dances always have the Cotton-Eyed Joe, and you'll do it; no matter how mature you think you are. Here's a simple alternate version that people will want to do! This is something girls like ... Read More »

Who is the original artist for cotton eyed joe?

"Cotton-Eyed Joe" is an African-American folk song that predates the American Civil War. It was passed down by oral tradition and the original artist is unknown. Columbia University folklorist Doro... Read More »

How to Do a Faster, Newer Cotton Eyed Joe Dance?

Want to impress your friends with a hot new dance? If so, then read on!

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