What does corn taste like?

Answer little bit of seewty:D

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How do you make corn tortillas taste good?

Well now I know what ballsac tastes like. Tortillas are bland. The better handmade ones are a texture, but not flavor experience. You have to put something on or in a tortilla. The tortilla is basi... Read More »

Is Corn Syrup considered "natural" (corn syrup, not high fructose corn syrup)?

There is no definition of "natural" as recognized by the FDA/USDA. It is a catch-all marketing term for everything from the most processed foods to the most basic foods. Food manufacturers use it t... Read More »

Miller® Lite has the Taste Protector Lid™. So my question is, why protect the taste of schitt?

Thats a very good question, my friend works for Miller and I cant wait to show him this

Soda taste and junk food taste! Pleas help?

I'm sorry, but I fail to understand just why you can't get rid of junk food in your house. if it's there, you will eat it -- so get rid of it already! It shouldn't surprise you that the manufactur... Read More »