What does cork flooring cost?

Answer The cost to install cork flooring can range from $5 to $10 per square foot installed. This cost can be reduced if the project is done by the homeowner; you can save around $2.50 for each square foo... Read More »

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What is cork flooring?

Cork flooring is created by stripping away the outer layers of bark from a live cork oak tree. The cork is then formed into tiles which can be installed in a similar manner to ceramic tile. Cork fl... Read More »

What are the pros and cons of cork flooring?

This is a good question, sadly most websites selling or promoting cork flooring won't give you any negatives about cork. I'll try to give you the best opinion on cork flooring to help you make the ... Read More »

How do you clean cork flooring?

Answer It really depends on what you are trying to clean from your cork flooring. For a more detailed answer, tailored to your specific needs, you can email me at Please ... Read More »

Cork Flooring & Water Damage?

Cork flooring is a natural and renewable material that comes from the bark of the cork tree. This natural material is water resistant and will not be damaged by moderate amounts of moisture. ... Read More »