What does contrast in radiography mean?

Answer The term "contrast" primarily describes the "degree of density difference" between areas on a radiograph. This difference reveals anatomical structures. The term also describes the "agent" or "medi... Read More »

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What does an imaging receptor mean in radiography?

An imaging receptor acts as a link between an X-ray device and the technician using the device. Imaging receptors turn raw data from an X-ray into a visible format for viewing.Source:The Free Dicti... Read More »

What does"recorded detail"mean in radiography?

Recorded detail refers to the geometric sharpness or clarity of anatomic structure lines displayed in a radiographic image. It encompasses the properties of image definition, detail sharpness, spat... Read More »

What does the contrast ratio mean on an LCD TV?

The contrast ratio of an LCD TV is the difference between the brightest white and the darkest black that the TV is capable of producing. LCDs boast a contrast ratio of anywhere between 2,500:1 and ... Read More »

What does the contrast ratio on widescreen TVs mean?

The contrast ratio is a measurement of the range of brightness can display. Theoretically, the higher the number, the better the image. A high contrast ratio means that whites will be brighter and ... Read More »