What does contingent fees mean?

Answer Lawyers are paid contingent fees upon their successful handling of a case. In a contingent fee agreement, a client pays his lawyer a fixed percentage of the recovery (the amount paid to the client)... Read More »

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What does contingent to sale mean?

According to Home Sale News, a contingent-to-sale offer in a home-buying situation is when a buyer agrees to purchase a homeowner's house if the buyer is able to sell his home.Source:Home Sale News... Read More »

What does contingent beneficiaries mean?

For an life insurance policy or an investment like an annuity or individual retirement account, the policy or investment owner must name a beneficiary, an individual or individuals who will receive... Read More »

What does pdi mean on new car fees?

Most new-vehicle purchases include a fee in the fine print for "PDI." In this case, PDI stands for "Pre-Delivery Inspection." The PDI occurs before the customer takes final delivery of the car at... Read More »

What does CDD mean in condo fees?

Your treasurer or property manager is best equipped to interpret the acronyms used in your condominium assessment budget. There are no standards, so individual properties make up their individual e... Read More »