What does context mean in describing art?

Answer When describing art, context means the environment in which the work was created. Context can refer to a physical setting, historical time, social setting or political climate. Understanding the co... Read More »

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What does"out of context"mean?

Context refers to the speech or writing that surrounds a word or phrase that is used to interpret what is being said. When something is taken out of context, the word or phrase is put into a settin... Read More »

What does"thinking in context"mean?

The term "thinking in context " means to use the quick development of learned judgment or skilled observation to come to a decision. The next step is to look at the reasoning behind the decision to... Read More »

What does puma mean in a political context?

Some Hillary Clinton supporters continued to support her candidacy even after she conceded the 2008 Democratic Presidential primary to Barack Obama. Online these supporters called themselves "PUMAs... Read More »

What plant am I describing?

I really don't know but it was a very risky thing to eat from a plant you knew nothing about.Do you still live in that area or do you have contact with anyone still there. It would be good if some... Read More »