How long does it take to conceive a baby after you have sex?

Answer Here's a good article...i would test soon.Release of Egg:The egg is released and travels into the fallopian tube where it remains until a single sperm penetrates it during fertilization (the union ... Read More »

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How long does it take for your breast to become tender after you conceive?

One of the first signs of pregnancy is breast tenderness. Hormonal changes produce changes in the breast tissue. A woman may experience breast tenderness as early as one to two weeks after she conc... Read More »

If stomach ache what does it mean also vomitish does it really mean pregnant plz tell me?

1st, in the future please use complete English sentences, it helps get your point across2nd, what you are feeling could be any number of bacteria or viral infections, as well as several medical con... Read More »

What are 7 Foods to NEVER eat when you are trying to conceive?

Answer Things to avoid when trying to conceive: Excess vitamins A, C, or D raw or undercooked meats raw or undercooked eggs Soft cheeseSmoking, drinking alcohol, and street drugsCaffiene

What is your Y!A name going to be once you conceive ?

Mine will probably stay the same. I really don't like it when my contacts change their names either because I have a hard time remembering who they were before the name change. I try to keep up w... Read More »