What does computer numerical control mean?

Answer Computer numerical control (CNC) is an automated program designed to administer various operations through the use of microcomputers. This automation is programmed to follow mathematical figures. T... Read More »

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How to Use a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machine?

CNC means computer numerical control and this article gives a brief overview on the operation of a CNC machine connected to a PC running EMCO. Other operating systems and software are also availabl... Read More »

What does numerical age in geology mean?

When dating fossils, rocks or other geological specimens, the numerical age is the closest approximation of the chronological point in time when the specimen formed, and is expressed as an absolute... Read More »

What does Control+c and Control+ V do when you hit it on the computer?

ctrl+c = copyctrl+v= pastectrl+a= select allctrl+x= cutctrl+z= undoctrl+d= deletectrl+p= print

What does volitional control mean?

Volitional control is the ability to use one's own free will. The concept of volitional control applies to an individual's mental capacity to act freely and with an understanding of the consequence... Read More »