What does GUI mean in DVR terms?

Answer GUI means "graphical user interface" in electronic devices like DVRs or digital video recorders, computers, and cell phones. GUI uses graphics and icons rather than text. This type of interface has... Read More »

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What does terms net 30 mean?

Net 30 is a term used when a purchaser is billed for a service or product. It refers to 30 days the purchaser has to pay for the service or product delivered without being charged a fee or penalty.... Read More »

What does BTR mean in military terms?

What does k mean in money terms?

The symbol k when used in money and in many other areas represents thousands. For example, $30k is equal to $30,000. The symbol is derived from the prefix kilo, meaning thousand.Source:Merriam-Web... Read More »

What does BCE mean in biblical terms?

For centuries, the Western calender has been separated into two periods. The vertex serving as the change point is the birth of Jesus Christ. Thus a calendar using time reference points before and ... Read More »