Can ten year old become famous singers Is miley's dad still a singer how old do you have to be to be in American idol what is better football or singing what should my favorite color be como estas?

Answer probably. yes but just a little bit. mostly 18 but if you are under you get tooken care of really good. singing is better for some people but football is better for others. any color it dont matter... Read More »

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What does"donde estas"mean?

"¿Donde estás?" is a Spanish phrase that, in English, means "where are you?" The word "donde" translates to "where," and the word "estás" is a conjugation of the verb "estar," which means "to be... Read More »

What does"como se amo"mean?

"Como se amo" is a Spanish term that means "as if I love." "Como" is a Spanish word that means "as" or "like." And "amo" is the word that means "love."

What does"como se llama"mean?

The Spanish phrase "Como se llama?" translates literally to "What are you called?" or "What is your name?" The formal variation of the phrase, "Como se llama usted?" is appropriate when showing res... Read More »

What is the meaning of Ho la Como Esta's tablas El ESPN?

There should be one next week: