How do you change your screen lock combination if you forgot the original combination?

Answer restore it w/ itunes

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How to Record the Combination Numbers on a Combination Lock with Modulo Encryption?

Lock with encrypted combinationRecord the combination lock numbers, encrypted, directly on the lock itself so that you can retrieve the combination for that lock without trying to remember where yo... Read More »

Can i change the combination on a combination lock?

Combination locks are made in standard and resettable varieties. Resettable locks have a user selected combination, but can only be reset when the lock is open. The combination on a standard lock i... Read More »

What is a combination square used for?

A combination square primarily is used to measure 45- and 90-degree angles. It also can be used to determine if a material is level, mark the surface of the material for cuts, and determine the app... Read More »

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