What does"cold filtered"mean?

Answer Cold filtering is a manufacturing process used as part of fermentation. It is especially common in the brewing of lager beer, where it sometimes becomes an advertising selling point. It is not clea... Read More »

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What does it mean if my hands and feet are ice cold?

So are mine, probably poor circulation.What colour do your fingers go in the cold? If they go white, then this might be a problem called 'Raynaud's disease'.Mine go white, bur I don't have Reynaud'... Read More »

Im on 250mg of zoloft and 10 mg of abilify what would happen if i stopped taking it cold turkey?

zoloft iw as on 100mg and stopped taking them completely and i was a mess- constantly on the verge of tears, light headed, suicidal urges, i cut for the first time in years and everything was frigh... Read More »

How to Get Rid of the Pacifier Cold Turkey?

A pacifier can be a wonderful thing for a young baby. Pop it in and--presto!--the crying instantly stops. The American Academy of Pediatrics even advocates its use with newborns because it may decr... Read More »

What does cold finish on a stainless steel tube mean?

Steel is finished by passing it through rollers under pressure. The steel can be hot-finished at a high temperature or cold-finished at room temperature. Most steel is hot-finished when the metal i... Read More »