What does code 2 mean in police talk I heard it on my scanner and I am curious.?

Answer Code 2 Urgent - no light or siren 10-0 Caution10-1 Reception poor10-2 Reception good10-3 Stop transmitting10-4 Message received, understood10-5 Repay message10-6 Change channel10-7 Out of service10... Read More »

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What does assistanting another agency mean when heard on a police scanner?

Could mean they are helping the fire department ems etc.... another public service agency

Does anyone know the scanner code where the police talk car to car?

What does MA 889 mean on police scanner?

Wrong area, this is computer help section not police scanner section. The MA 889 can mean many things. You need the police's code book to understand the meaning of this code.

Who has a police scanner what is HAM mean on a police scanner?

Ham on a police scanner stands for the Amateur Radio Bands. I'm going to take a wild guess and say you have either a newer Radio Shack scanner, or a bearcat scanner. The older Radio Shack scanners... Read More »