What is a kilt closure?

Answer A kilt closure is any item or method used to fasten a kilt's front apron to its underside apron, preventing accidental exposure of underwear or bare flesh.History"Great Kilts" in the 16th century w... Read More »

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What Causes a Customer Account Closure?

People look for ways to invest and save their hard-earned money. They stream into different credit facilities, such as banks, to open savings accounts, which establish a relationship with these fac... Read More »

What is a sinus closure after tooth extraction?

After having my tooth extracted it left a small opening between the socket and the sinus cavity. This, I was told, is normal for some extractions. The problem is that the opening or "communication"... Read More »

What was the most ill judged railway line closure by Dr Beeching?

First of all, the Good Doctor did exactly what he was asked to do by the Government of the day: identify the loss-making lines and close them. What was ill-conceived was the remit from the Governme... Read More »

How to Get Closure?

There may be times in our lives when relationships - whether they are romances, friendships, or family ties - hit a bump in the road and seem to fade away, leaving us wondering what happened and wh... Read More »