What does the nucleus contain in cloning?

Answer In cloning, the nucleus contains the somatic cell information from the organism intended to be cloned. In this process, called somatic cell nuclear transfer, the nucleus of an egg cell is removed ... Read More »

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What is cloning a DVD?

DVDs once designed to be copy-proof are now easily duplicated using a personal computer with a DVD burner and the right software. While it is illegal to copy commercial DVDs to share with others, y... Read More »

What is DNA cloning?

DNA cloning is a scientific procedure used to reproduce an exact copy of DNA or DNA fragments. DNA cloning can be performed using two different techniques, cell-based DNA cloning or the polymerase ... Read More »

What Is Website Cloning?

Website cloning refers to the copying or modification of an existing website design or script to create a new website. Website cloning allows designers to create websites without the need to write ... Read More »

How to Explain What Cloning Is?

Scientific advancements have put the topic of plant and animal cloning in the news. Cloning, the process of making an exact duplicate of a biological entity, is a complicated issue that involves ma... Read More »