What does clear felling mean?

Answer According to Merriam-Webster, clear-felling is primarily a British term that is equivalent to clear-cutting. Both refer to the agricultural or logging process of removing all the trees from a parti... Read More »

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What does clear margins mean?

The term clear margins is generally describes the results of a cancer operation. It shows that the no cancer cells exist between the tumor and the tissue around it that was removed. However, this d... Read More »

What Does "Clear ESN" Mean on eBay?

Each cellphone contains an 11-digit Electronic Serial Number (ESN) that is unique and is used by cellular phone carriers to tie the device to a specific person or business. The ESN cannot be change... Read More »

What does clear title mean?

A clear title that is registered in your name means that you are the owner of something, such as a car or home, and that no one has any claim on it but you. Before a house can be sold, there is oft... Read More »

What does crystal clear display mean?

Means the quality of the picture is not blurred or smoothed and details of the picture easy to see