What does claves mean in a music definition?

Answer In a musical context, the word "clave" has two definitions. Claves are a set of hardwood sticks that, when beat together, make a hollow sound often heard in Latin American music; they are also some... Read More »

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What does refrain mean in music?

In music, a refrain is a verse or verses that are repeated throughout a song, particularly at the end of a stanza. The word “refrain” can also simply refer to a song or melody.References:The Fr... Read More »

What does encrypted music mean?

Encryption is defined as the process of translating data into a secret code for protection purposes. Encrypted music is music that cannot be re-recorded or shared. Encryption protects musical artis... Read More »

What does it mean to rip music from a CD?

Generations have witnessed the evolution of music formats from vinyl records to cassettes to CDs to MP3s. CD "ripping" is just another part of the process--moving your music from one step to anothe... Read More »

What does staccato mean in music?

Staccato is an articulation mark that indicates a musical note is to be played very short. A dot underneath or above the note indicates it is staccato. A staccato note doesn't change the number of ... Read More »