What does classical music mean?

Answer Classical music is defined as music specific to the classical period. The musical period is broadly defined as that from 1750 to 1820.SignificanceClassical music is considered a more serious form o... Read More »

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What does opus mean in classical music?

The term opus in classical music refers to a musical composition. Each opus is typically identified by a number, which reflects its place in the the order of all opuses created. For instance, the f... Read More »

In classical music terms what does humoresque and fantasy/fantasia mean?

"Humoresque" could be compared to the term "scherzo," which means, "in a joking manner." Like the Circus theme song.Fantasy refers to a certain form of the piece. Other common forms would be AB and... Read More »

What pitch does classical music follow?

Since 1939, the standard for classical music tuning has been the concert pitch of the A above middle C at 440 Hz. The standard was set at an international conference in London.Source:Lynn Cavanaugh... Read More »

What pitches does classical music follow?

Pitch was not standardized throughout Europe during the Classical period--1765 to 1830--but a typical pitch of a' = 430 to 440 Hz (that is, the A above middle C vibrates at a frequency of 430 to 44... Read More »