What does class mean in hdtv?

Answer The word "class" is used with HDTVs to describe a television whose diagonal size measurement has been rounded, usually up, to a whole number. For example, a 32-inch class HDTV could actually measur... Read More »

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What is a class LCD HDTV?

LCD stands for liquid crystal display. LCD televisions are one of the most popular technologies among high-definition televisions (HDTVs). The advantages of LCD HDTVs include a wider viewing angle... Read More »

What does the term Class mean in regard to HDTV?

It means that the TV's aren't exactly the size stated. e.g. a 42" class TV isn't exactly 42" diagonally, so they round the size to the nearest whole inch and call it the "class". So a 42" Class set... Read More »

Westinghouse 46" Class 1080p 60Hz LCD HDTV - Black (CW46T6DW)?

When it comes to tv, it would be better to get it from trusted brands. I'm not sure how much your budget is or if it's an issue. Check Amazon, they have weekly deals for different brands of hdtv. P... Read More »

Is this a good tv

Samsung is one of the better brands of flat panel TVs. LED TVs tend to be brighter, have better colors and better contrast than LCD TVs.If I was in the market for a 32" TV, this would be on my lis... Read More »