What does class distinction mean?

Answer Class distinction is used to describe someone's worth or wealth in social structure. Some class distinctions include the rich, the middle class, blue collar workers and the poor. The terms old mone... Read More »

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Distinction Between Debt & Equity?

Debt is considered a liability, and may take the form of a bank loan or a line of credit. Equity, on the other hand, is considered an asset and may take the form of cash on hand. These two financia... Read More »

What is a distinction between fermentation&cellular respiration?

Fermentation and cellular respiration are energy-producing processes that occur in the cells of most organisms, including humans. To produce their energy, each of these processes undergoes a differ... Read More »

What active duty Air Force Base has the distinction of being named for a pilot who died while engaged in ground combat?

My daughter signed up for a film photography class at her high school. The first day of class we found out?

Depending where you live, you can try Craig's can see if anyone has one locally for sale and you can also post that you want to purchase one. Also try local pawn shops. As some of the ... Read More »