What does class distinction mean?

Answer Class distinction is used to describe someone's worth or wealth in social structure. Some class distinctions include the rich, the middle class, blue collar workers and the poor. The terms old mone... Read More »

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With SDHC memory cards, what is the difference between Class 4 and Class 6 What does this mean?

The SDHC classes were supposedly thought out to prevent consumer confusion, but so far it seems to have achieved exactly the opposite.The class number simply indicates the card's *minimum* sustaine... Read More »

What does Class P ballast mean?

A class P ballast is regulates the power, voltage, and current during startup and function of a fluorescent bulb. Class P means that it has a nationally acceptable safety rating for regulating temp... Read More »

What does a Class 1 Lever mean?

A lever in which the force arm is longer than the work-producing arm; thus the work produced is always greater than the energy used, with a resultant high efficiency.

What does Class b electronics mean?

b class means the product did not pass the manufactures top quality check. It could be cosmetic or a slight defect. Usally does not affect product operation and you may not even notice any problem ... Read More »