What does choking/ seeing someone choke feel like?

Answer If you are choking it is a feeling of panic because you cannot breathe.If you see someone choking you want to help them ,so you pat them on the back so that you can dislodge anything they may have ... Read More »

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What does fingering someone feel like?

What does the bully feel like when they have bullied someone else?

They feel scared, so they bully someone whos weakier then them. Or someone who won't fight back. Also bullies only bully when they have two people in back of them.

What does an alcohol Buzz feel like What's being drunk feel like?

"Buzz" is relaxed. "Drunk" is a bad roller coaster.

How to Avoid Seeing Someone You Don't Like Anymore?

Sometimes avoiding eye contact is all you need to keep someone from talking to you; other times, it's more complicated than that.Did you used to have a crush on someone, and now those feelings have... Read More »