Has anyone ever been to Chico California?

Answer Chico is a college town about 70 miles north of San Francisco. It is HOT in the summer, and COLD in the winter. There are some things to do in the town, but it's rather isolated. It's a long way to... Read More »

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Is chico california safe?…Crime in Chico is about 75% of the U.S. Average.Everyone is racist. Money talks. Money trumps bigotry.

What Sororities Are at Chico State University?

California State University at Chico -- Chico State -- opened its doors in 1889. Offering more than 100 undergraduate degree programs, the campus is centered on more than 100 acres in downtown Chi... Read More »

How to Look Like Perry King or Chico from Lords of Flatbush?

Do you want to look like Perry King or Chico from Lords of Flatbush? If so, then read on.

What Sororities Are at California State University, Chico?

Sororities offer female students a home-away-from-home, a small circle of close friends within the larger academic community and opportunities for individual development. Sororities promote philant... Read More »