Does leprechauns taste like chicken?


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Why don't eggs taste of chicken?

Well technically the egg is only food for the chick to come so why would it taste like a chicken, the fetus feeds on the "protein shake" inside which is the egg white and other nutritional facts, a... Read More »

Have you ever ate duck and what does it taste like chicken?

How to Get Chicken to Taste Nice?

Sometimes chicken can taste plain. Seasonings and spices makes it taste nice. Read the following steps to "spice" up your chicken to make it taste nice.

How do u get ur chicken to look good but really taste like crap?

By making sure it's not chicken at least not a natural organic one, and then fry it and then constantly deep fry it, till it looks crispy and stuff put some salt and pepper on so it smells good, th... Read More »