What does donk mean in poker?

Answer The word donk is poker is short for "donkey", a negative way to refer to a player. A player may be called a donkey for showing his cards, lacking mental prep or calling too often, and other beginne... Read More »

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What does dodging bullets mean in poker?

If a player in Texas Hold'em poker has the best hand after the first three community cards are laid down but another player could beat his hand if specific cards fall on the next two rounds, the fi... Read More »

What do poker chip colors mean?

The different colors of poker chips correspond to the different values of each chip. This makes betting more precise, and counting how much each player has much easier.No Set RulesTypically, in a h... Read More »

How to Check Winning Stats on Poker Stars? offers detailed player statistics, available as an on-site report and as an email. These reports tell you exactly how many hands you have won, either for your entire PokerStars caree... Read More »

What Does the FRD Number on a Check Mean?

The FRD number on checks help banks and the Federal Reserve figure out where a check came from. The number is a routing tool that identifies which Federal District processed the check.