What did a chandler do?

Answer A chandler is a candle maker.

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What does a chandler mean?

a candle maker!chan·dler   [chand-ler, chahnd-] Show IPA-noun1.a person who makes or sells candles and sometimes other items of tallow or wax, as soap.2.a dealer or trader in supplies, provis... Read More »

What is the origin of the name Chandler?

The English surname Chandler dates to early medieval times, and was an occupational name given to a person who made or sold candles. The name derives from the Middle English word “cha(u)ndeler,â€... Read More »

Police scanner codes chandler az?

Are you referring to the frequencies? If so, Chandler uses the Regional Wireless Cooperative digital radio system…If you are referring to the codes/signal... Read More »

In which episode of FRIENDS Chandler says: "you know what I like about you Jo You're curious!"?

Season 10Episode 3: TOW Ross' Tan[Joey and Chandler are playing fussball]Joey Tribbiani: Hey Chandler, why do you think they call it fussball?Chandler Bing: You know what I like about you, Joe?Joey... Read More »