What is a centrifugal clutch?

Answer Used in many small-engine applications, the centrifugal clutch is pervasive enough that it would probably not be difficult to find one within 100 feet of where you're sitting now. These versatile d... Read More »

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What Are Centrifugal Pumps?

Centrifugal pumps are used for virtually all straight pumping applications of low viscosity fluids like water without complications, such as liquids containing hard solids. These pumps can be sing... Read More »

Why Are Centrifugal Clutches Used?

Besides disengaging the engine from the drive train at idle, centrifugal clutches provide several functions to simplify driveline designs on small multipurpose vehicles, lawn tractors and some mowe... Read More »

Centrifugal Pump Safety?

Centrifugal pumps provide pressure to flowing water. These pumps are essential components to many processing plants. Damage to a pump through incorrect use can cause leaks as well as injuries to pu... Read More »

How much does a centrifugal clutch cost?

Depending on the kind of centrifugal clutch you need and what you need the clutch for, the actual price can vary from less then $20 to well over $200 (as of 2009).Source:Centrifugal Clutches