What does cent mean in an instrument tuner?

Answer A "cent" in the world of music refers to the unit of measurement in between tones. Each semitone (for example, B to C to C#) is 100 cents apart from the next. Notes that register on an instrument t... Read More »

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Which tastes better burnt The 40-cent mac and cheese or the 33-cent french fries?

Well I like crispy French fries, but my mom burnt me out on the 33 cent French fries... soI'm going to say the 40 cent mac and cheese is better, because you can mix in extra cheese and mask the bur... Read More »

Does a Direct TV DVR R10 have a digital tuner or an analog tuner?

Will a digital converter box act like a tuner for non-tuner DVD players?

A digital-to-analog converter box can act as a tuner with non-tuner DVD players. However, you will want to make certain that the outputs of the digital converter box are compatible with your DVD’... Read More »

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