What does cent mean in an instrument tuner?

Answer A "cent" in the world of music refers to the unit of measurement in between tones. Each semitone (for example, B to C to C#) is 100 cents apart from the next. Notes that register on an instrument t... Read More »

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What does having an HD tuner mean?

Even though HDTVs have become the norm in the television industry, they are accompanied by some concepts and terms that remain unfamiliar to many people.FactsThe term "HD tuner" refers to a compone... Read More »

What does tuner free mean on a VCR-DVD combo?

When shopping for home video electronics, you will encounter some jargon that may not be intuitive. Television tuners have their own subset of terminology, and "tuner-free" is one such descriptor y... Read More »

What does a living instrument mean in law?

A living instrument, in the context of law, is a legal document – such as a deed, will or conveyance – that is interpreted with current issues in mind, and not by trying to ascertain the origin... Read More »

What does the oil lamp with a drip mean on my instrument panel?

The oil lamp with a drip icon on a vehicle's instrument panel is a warning indicator light. The icon lights up when the vehicle's oil pressure drops to unsafe levels.References:The AA: Breakdown Ad... Read More »