Censorship Issues?

Answer Censorship is an issue that draws controversy whenever it is mentioned. At the same time, it can be an essential tool in maintaining order in society. The problem is many governments or dominant cu... Read More »

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What is Censorship in photography?

It is the banning of pictures that display arguable content.

Does the BBC have censorship like American Television?

the orchestra is based in St. David's Hall in Cardiff and also the Hoddiott Hall

Pros & Cons of Gangsta Rap Censorship?

For years, the debate about music censorship has been raging. Music censorship is the process of legally regulating the music industry to protect children from inappropriate messages. The genre of ... Read More »

Why does internet censorship run deep in united states and china's political agenda?

Bingo! All governments are the same!Because essentially both are fascist states. (UK and much of Europe is also fascist as well) They just pretend they are not to different degrees.Fascism as defin... Read More »

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